Ravenna Real Estate

    Ravenna is the perfect choice for people who want to live somewhere more quiet and peaceful but still be able to dip their toes into a bit of fun. The area is largely residential with a bit of a commercial section on 65th St near 20th Ave NE. It is also home to the large U-Village shopping center, which is a great destination for fulfilling one’s shopping and gastronomic needs.


    Total Population: 34,631

    Male/Female Population: 49.2% Male, 50.8% Female

    Occupations: 63% White Collar, 37% Blue Collar

    Median Age: 40

    Median Household Income: $47,640


    • Ravenna Park
    • U-Village – big outdoor mall which includes stores such as Anthropologie, Apple, Banana Republic, Gap, H&M, Microsoft, just to name a few