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    • Zillow says my home is worth $x. Are they right?

    Zillow says my home is worth $x. Are they right?

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    There are many websites out there today that offer a value estimate for homes.  Zillow is one of the most popular, also referred to as a Zestimate.  Keep in mind that these computer-generated models use recent sales nearby to try and calculate a value by using homes with similar year built, size and room counts. They are based on publicly-accessible data from county tax records and other data, so they are subject to the same inaccuracies as a tax-assessed value estimate.  Some of the major shortcomings of a computer model is it does not take into account the condition or finish level of a home, recent upgrades, new appliances or systems, the layout and usable space, amount of natural light, views, Zillow has not been inside the house, so all they can offer is a very rough (and often times wildly inaccurate) price estimate.

    Online home value estimates are simply a starting point to estimating your home’s value. The median error for the Seattle market is approximately 7.3%.  What that means to the home buyer is that you need to look at the value range, not the Zestimate to give a better guide to market value.

    Contact us for more info. on how we determine an accurate home value, and how we prepare homes to sell for the highest possible price, in the ideal timeframe for you, and with minimal hassle to you.

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