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    TOP 5 TIPS on preparing your home to SELL

    1. GET ORGANIZED.  Even if you are 1 year (or more) away from selling, this is the perfect time to examine everything you own.  Get into the mind-set of starting Fresh in your next home.  Decide what gets to come with you, and what will exit your life.  This can be emotional, but it’s much easier to do this first.  This will make the rest of the list very easy.  If you need some support here, we recommend reading “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up”.   We have a few copies to share – let us know if you would like one!

    2. PACK. Aside from what you “need” on a daily basis, pack everything else up!  Examples:  Do you have a toaster just in case you want toast? PACK IT!  Do you collect National Geographic magazines? PACK IT!  Do you have 6 different curling irons and you really only use 1? PACK IT!  Is it the middle of summer and you have a coat closet full of puffy coats and snow boots? PACK IT!  Do we get it??  🙂
    This is also the time to de-personalize the home.  Take down family photos, monograms, fridge magnets, diplomas, etc.  Remember, it’s not going to be your house anymore, it would be creepy to keeps these things up in a home that’s for sale.

    3. CLEAN. Clean Clean Clean….  Now that you have cleared out the “junk” and packed the other “goodies”, you will most likely notice areas around the house that have been neglected.  Clean until you think you can’t clean anymore, then hire a professional cleaner to get the rest – light fixtures, baseboards, ceiling fans, the top of the fridge, steam clean carpets, etc.

    4. FIX / MEND / SERVICE.  This is the time to finish all of those DIY half started projects or the unattended to projects you have just learned to live with.  Now is the time to address everything!  Hole in the wall from when your teenager had a burst of rage?  Leaky faucet? Weeds taking over a once nicely manicured backyard?  It’s also a time to service all of the systems in the house, change air filters, all of the basic home care projects.  Doing these things will make the house feel loved and cared for.  This will show more than anything when buyers come to take a look.

    5. PAINT.  Fresh paint will do many things for your home.  First of all, it’s going to add to the cleanliness of the home with a fresh “new house” smell.  Secondly, a neutral color will be attractive to the broadest audience of buyers.  We wouldn’t want to distract anyone with your “faux marble” painted wall phase or your kid’s obsession with pink and purple polka dots.  Choosing a neutral color that is also “on trend” will make the home feel current regardless of the year it was built.
    Do these things, and your Realtor with LOVE you!!!!  When your Realtor is happy, it means they are confident you will get a great price for your home quickly.  At the end the day, this will net you more $$$ with less hassle!
    Thinking about Selling? Contact us for a FREE, no-obligation consultation with a Listing specialist (a $250 value) – we will provide you with a detailed What-to-do list to get the home ready-to-sell, and create a custom-marketing plan for you.  Our Listing fees are negotiable and fair – it depends on how much work we have to do.  🙂

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