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    Here are some photos from our visit and a quick interview with him about buying a home with the Beach & Blvd team and the process to settle in and make it his own.  Enjoy!!


    1. What is the most exciting part about owning your own home?

    “Everyone remembers their first. Given that this is my first home, it’s a special feeling which is symbolic of accomplishment, pride and gratitude all at the same time.”


    2. What was your biggest fear regarding buying a home?

    That I would have to settle for something that isn’t very ‘me’. Luckily, I didn’t have to do that. Patience and perseverance paid off to strike the right balance of location, floor plan and price.

     3. What kind of challenges did you face?

    Was keen on a new construction townhome. Saw a number of properties which didn’t have the layout I was looking for or not enough day light. I also didn’t want to compromise on location.

     4. How did you know when you found the right property?

    I came across the District by Isola, which was a new construction townhome community, ideal location in Capitol Hill (the neighborhood I wanted to live in), desired layout and lots of daylight! I knew I had to put in an offer.


    5. How did you choose your Realtor?

    I have known Gerald since 2011, when I started at Amazon. We kept in touch on and off and when I learned that he’d taken up his passion of real estate, full time, I had no doubt in my mind that I would work with Gerald to find my new home. He is a friend and someone I trusted, which was a big factor for me while choosing a realtor.

     6. What are the top 3 pieces of advice you would pass on to someone looking to buy a home today?

    Find a good realtor, be patient, don’t settle (minus a few minor things of course!)

     7. What is your favorite part of your new home?

    Two favorite things are it’s location and the amount of daylight/sunlight the whole house gets!

     8. How has life changed since you moved into your new home?

    I feel a sense of calm when I’m home, and I enjoy spending more time at home now. Lot more to be responsible for. Love hosting family and friends over at my new home!

    9. How would you describe your interior design style?

    My family and I have a passion for creative spaces and interior design. Our taste is similar as well, where we like warm, cheerful and contrasting colors. Our furniture is a mix of modern and contemporary, with standout pieces of artwork to complete each room. We found most of our interiors at Pottery Barn and Moes Home Furnishings.

    10. How do you like to spend time in your home?

    I like to read books (thrillers in fiction and self-development in non-fiction) and enjoy keeping up with shows on TV such as the Crown, Suits and House of Cards. I enjoy hosting, so the kitchen and dining area gets used a lot!

    11. What is your favorite space in the home and why?

    The reading corner since it’s rather cozy and just ideal to read a captivating book over the weekends. Also love the rooftop and the views that come with it on a clear sunny day!


    12. In three words, what does HOME mean to you?

    Love, Security and H(e)aven


    Beach & Blvd had the pleasure of representing Hersh on the purchase of his home here in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle.  He and Gerald were friends from Gerald’s days at Amazon and we were very excited to help him with his journey to home-ownership.  From Day 1, Hersh knew that he wasn’t going to settle for simply a piece of real estate.  It was important to him that this place would truly feel like home, a place he could kick off his shoes, relax after a long day, and make it his sanctuary.

    I didn’t know Hersh yet, but I joined in for a few showings and he became a fast-friend.  I loved his enthusiasm for what home means to him personally.  I remember him saying “I need my place to feel like a home”.  This did present a challenge, because he was also interested in new construction pre-sales, which means the home is not yet built and you only have floor plans, and location (dirt), and a showroom to review finishes – flooring, kitchen appliances, etc.  How can this feel like a home?  So, we decided to make a plan – get him inside enough newer townhomes as possible so he could feel the layout, the light, the colors, to get a sense for what would work for him.  That made the showroom experience for the pre-sale seem much easier to digest.  We were also up against a timeline, because home prices were rising every month, and we didn’t want him to be priced out of his desired neighborhood.  Hersh ended up selecting a home, and was pleasantly surprised when the home was finished 6 months later.  I think he actually likes the home more than he ever knew he would.

    I had the opportunity to visit Hersh in his new home, and had a chance to sit down and chat with him about the experience as well as get some amazing photos of his home and his new life on Capitol Hill.  When we showed up to his home, he was right at home chatting outside with his neighbor who bought a townhome in the same development.  The sun was shining bright and it was a beautiful early Fall morning.  He greeted us with a warm smile and welcomed us inside.  As a gracious host, he offered us iced coffee and delivered it to us in mason jars loaded with ice.  As we took a tour of his new home, we were very impressed by how quickly he was able to move in, furnish it, and add his personality.  We were so impressed to hear that his Mom and Brother flew in to visit and help him settle in.

    In just ten minutes of walking inside the home, a few things were clear:

    1. For a millennial, Hersh owns a lot of books.  He was happy to show us his favorites – from travel books to professional development, to suspense novels.  He likes the interaction you get with a tangible book while reading it.  He also enjoys sharing them with friends and family.  His pride for his books was evident in how carefully they were arranged in his living room bookshelves.

    2. The man has a clear sense of style.  This is not your typical Bachelor pad.  Every detail was attended to from the scent of his burning candle to the colorful artwork on his walls.  The furniture was tasteful and adorned with accessories all tying into a unified color palette.

    3. Travel and a sense of adventure is important to him.  Splashed through the home we found evidence of travel from beautiful textiles from India to Instagram photos framed on the wall from his time in the UK.  Fun accents were also found – vintage Bollywood movie posters, seasonal pinecones, to a wide selection of teas.


    To search new construction homes on Capitol Hill, click here:


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