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    Stylish Homeowner Spotlight: Shaughnessy

    Meet the Shaughnessy Family!

    We had the pleasure of representing the Shaughnessy family in the sale of their townhome and the purchase of their new construction home.  They were already good friends of ours, so we were excited to help them though the home-selling & home-buying process – which can be very complicated.  There are ways to manage a buy/sell situation, but proper planning and expectation setting is the key to success.

    I recently visited them 1 year after they moved into their new home and was blown away by how they had truly made it their own.  Both Ana and Mark have an incredible sense of style, so it was no surprise the home was gorgeous!  They have two little ones that are full of energy and rushed to welcome me into their home.  I felt special as Ana’s son was eager to show me his room – which was perfectly decorated.  He was very happy to show me his toys and favorite books.  Ana’s sweet little girl is always the supportive sister who waited patiently and then showed me her room, too.

    Their home features a daylight basement which quickly became “kid central”.  There I found a large comfortable couch, toys, games and books, and it led out to a sliding door to a greenbelt with an evergreen tree-lined backyard.  Through the trees you can see a glimpse of farmland below the hillside.  On the main level, there is an open concept kitchen-living-dining room with a little nook off the kitchen that the kids use as an activity center – for art projects & puzzles.  The top floor features a beautiful master suite along with the kid’s bedrooms & a guest room.

    Ana’s style is impeccable and she thoughtfully and carefully furnished the home.  She brought a luxurious nod to mid-century and subscribes to the “less is more” style of home decor.  It really felt like walking into a high end magazine shoot.  Ana graciously let me interview her about her home-buying & home-making experience.  I look forward to sharing our interview with you + some pictures by my favorite photographer: Ruby Somera.

    1. What was your biggest fear regarding purchasing a new home? 
    “We needed to sell our existing home before we could purchase a new home. I knew selling wouldn’t be the problem but, the challenge would be on the buy side and I really didn’t want to have to be in the position of temporary housing/renting along with the multiple moves that would include. I had heard friends actively trying to buy a home for over a year and not being successful. My biggest fear was not being able to buy a home for months and/or having to really compromise on what we wanted in a home.”
    2. Why did you decide to buy new construction pre-sale?
    “We had earnestly started looking at houses a few months before we listed our place so I could get an idea of what houses were going for so if we needed to re-adjust expectations we could be prepared once we felt ready actually make offers. Gerald was helpful in setting realistic expectations early on. When he let us know how our financial contingency would impact any offer we’d be making on desirable re-sales we decided to shift to looking at new construction. That decision helped save us months of heartache and time.”
    3. What is the one piece of advice you would give a new home shopper?
    “Be realistic in your requirements and expectations, the more flexible you are in price, location, or size/quality the more likely you’ll find something. I also found spending some time following a few listings in your desired neighborhood & price point, and seeing how much the actually sold for and the type of offer that won, was really helpful in setting yourself up to place a successful offer earlier on in your buying process.”
    4. Was there 1 thing in particular that connected you with buying this home in particular?  
    “The green space and views! We feel it was really special to have a pretty size-able back yard that backs into a great green space in a new development.”
    5. After living in the home for 1 year, does it feel like how you thought it would?  What feels the same and what feels different?
    “We still love our home. Vacations now feel different! Before our vacation condos were bigger and nicer than our townhouse but now they’re smaller and less nice so that was a a little surprising.”
    6. Is there one room or space that is your favorite?
    “Our backyard space and views. Having all the trees and greenery makes it so peaceful and relaxing.”
    7. How did you make your decisions on how to furnish the home?
    “Lots of trips to Room & Board, Crate and Barrel, Land of Nod, and West Elm online. Pinterest was really helpful to view pieces together. We both have an interest and pretty strong opinions on interior design. Thankfully we agree most of the time! We both like the current trend in mid-century modern with a lean towards less is more.”
    8. Where have been your favorite places to shop for furniture and home accessories?
    “Room & Board, Crate and Barrel, West Elm, and Land of Nod but I’m broadening my perspectives with design & choices as we go along. Wayfair, All Modern, Ballard Design all have great items for a great value.”
    9. When you come home from a day at work, what do you look forward to the most when you come home.
    “Hugging my kids and being able to unwind and relax. Sitting in my backyard and looking at nature is my life hack to meditation!”
    10.  In three words, what does “Home” mean to you.
    “Family, security, love”

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