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    4 Keys to Selling Your Home in a Hot Market!

    For the past 4 years now, we have been selling homes for RECORD-BREAKING PRICES in almost every neighborhood that we sell in, even neighborhoods we have never sold in!  What’s our secret? 

    We have identified the 4 Keys to maximize your NET, sell in your desired timeframe, and limit the hassle & stress to you.

    1- Price it right.  Don’t price it too high (don’t get greedy), BUT don’t price it too low!  Most agents don’t know how to do a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) to determine the correct listing price.  Coming up with the right price, and how you position your home in the market is absolutely critical to success!  We also have an appraiser on staff that can help determine values for unique homes.

    2-Condition. The way the home shows is critical to generating an offer and a quick sale. We have many contacts to help you get the home ready: painter, cleaner, carpet & flooring sales, landscaper, etc. and we get discounts from our preferred vendors (saving you $$$).

    3-Staging.  Buying a home is an emotional experience. Our professional stager can stage the house in a way that will appeal to the most amount of buyers, and create that emotional attachment which leads to multiple Offers!!  Staging is not decorating, and not all stagers are ASP (accredited staging professionals).  (Just like not all agents offer the same skill or expertise.)

    4- Marketing. We always pay for High-definition luxury photos (shot by a professional photographer) & a 3D-virtual tour for ALL of our listings, regardless of price!  This will ensure your house looks great online.  We also do Facebook & Google ads, list it on Zillow as a Featured listing, and list it on the international MLS – Proxio (for international buyers to see).  This will ensure your house gets seen by buyers here, there, and everywhere around the world, and generates Traffic to your listing and in-person showings.  You may need to spend $5K-$10K to get your house ready, but you can usually NET $20K-$50K more.  We can also pay some/all of the improvements up-front if you’re short on Cash, that’s how important we think it is.

    Find out what your agent is going to do to generate traffic, ask them how many Sellers they are working with at-a-time, and ask if they know who the top agents are in the neighborhood (80/20 Rule – 20% of agents do 80% of the business).  I make it my business to know who the top agents are, and network with them.  Real estate is still a relationship-based business.

    If you are thinking about selling this year, contact us for a free, no-obligation Seller consultation.  You might be amazed how much your home is worth!  Don’t rely on extremely-inaccurate Zillow “Zestimates” or Redfin home valuations, they are usually 10-30% OFF (that’s a lot of money!)  Let us guide you thru this process with honest, expert advice.

    Get your FREE, instant home valuation here.

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