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    Meet Sheryl!

    “Be as fearless as the woman whose stories you have applauded.” 

    Sheryl was a friend of Beach & Blvd long before joining the team, and we absolutely love having her as a part of our crew!  Most of our agents started out in a different career field before finding Real Estate.  Our diverse backgrounds & experiences have helped shape us and allows us to bring a little something extra to the business.  Sheryl’s background in fashion & design, and through her creativity & passion for making things beautiful, she is able to help her clients see the potential in a home.   We love the way Sheryl has designed the life she wanted – balancing career & family, and always continuing to grow.

    Sheryl works with both buyers & sellers.  Visit her website to setup a consultation: Click Here

    Here is our interview with Sheryl!

    1. Tell us about yourself.
    I grew up in the Pacific Northwest. I love that I’m surrounded by some of my favorite cities just a few hours drive away. I graduated from the University of Washington and designed men’s apparel for 10 years before getting into real estate. Spending an afternoon to walk around and explore a local neighborhood is one of my favorite things, especially if it includes coffee and good food. I have 2 boys Hudson & Luca (ages 5 & 3) with my wonderful husband Jason.
    2. What about real estate excites you the most?
    In real estate, you work with a lot of new people and it definitely puts you outside of your comfort zone at times. But it’s fun to meet new people, learn about them and hear their stories. You get to connect with people in this amazing way by helping them with a life changing event.
    It’s also exciting to preview homes with clients. It’s an opportunity to explore a new neighborhood or get a new perspective on one that I’m familiar with. Each home has its own story and personality and that’s not always conveyed through a picture. You don’t always know what you’re going to get the first time you see a house in person; that element of surprise makes it fun.
    3. Why did you decide to make a career change?
    I was in apparel design for 10 years. It was a great experience, but I was ready for a change and wanted to try something different. My family’s schedules were going to be more hectic, now that the kids were about to start school. Each person had to be somewhere different and we were faced with the dilemma of how we would juggle everyone’s daily commute and schedules. So it seemed like the perfect time to start something new and really dive in. Real estate was always something I wanted to pursue and it offered the flexibility that my family needed for our schedules. It’s been the right balance of making a career and being there for my family.
    4. What drives you?
    My family. They’ve all been such big supporters from the day I made the switch to real estate. It’s made all the difference especially when you have challenging days.  It’s also very motivating to be on a supportive team, with like-minded individuals, who are moving towards the same goal.
    5. What neighborhood do you live in and why did you choose it?
    When we started our home search 4 years ago, we were in the midst of a new baby on the way. Our first home worked well for a family of three, but we knew it was going to be a tight squeeze for a family of four. We found the perfect home in Kenmore with a few months to spare before my youngest was born. Kenmore has been an amazing place to raise a family, we live in quiet neighborhood with wonderful neighbors. We’re in close proximity to a variety of things like parks, grocery stores and places to eat. Kenmore is situated in the middle with access to both 405 and I-5. It’s definitely one of those hidden gem locations that not too many people talk about.
    6. What home style is your favorite?
    There’s too many to choose from! I love the exterior charm of Tudor and Craftsman homes, they embody Seattle to me. I may have watched too many Fixer Upper episodes, but if I have to pick just one, it would be a modern farmhouse.
    7. What is your #1 top tip for first-time home buyers?
    Take the time to think about your list of wants vs needs. Not every home will check off all your boxes. Sometimes a house that wasn’t a contender at first just needs a little imagination and elbow grease to make it your perfect home.
    8. What has been your favorite moment so far as a real estate agent?
    Seeing the for-sale sign up on my very first listing. It was a proud moment seeing what I was working at finally come together.
    9. What home trend do you currently love?
    Archways! I usually gravitate towards clean square lines on everything, but there’s something about adding an arch to a doorway, hallway or cabinetry that makes a statement.
    10. In three words, what does HOME mean to you?
    Family. Food. Love.
    If you’d like to search for a home in Kenmore, click here.

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