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    Home Owner Spotlight: The Salmon Family in Kent, Washington


    As everyone knows, Seattle home prices have sky-rocketed and we don’t seen any sign of a slow down, due to the lack of inventory, and increase in financially strong buyers.  For a growing family who dreams of a backyard, large living space, and the single family home experience, we suggest opening your search and looking outside of Seattle proper.  We met the Salmon family through a Keller Williams agent in Brooklyn, New York (where they lived for 11 years).   She looked to Alicia Shope to help them start their new life in the Pacific Northwest.  Since Keller Williams has an amazing referral network, it was easy for them to start the process right away.  We loved that they had narrowed in on Kent, a city near Seattle & Bellevue, but far enough away that they could find everything they were looking for in their dream home.  1 year later, we had the chance to check in, hear the news of baby number 5, capture some adorable photos, and interview them about their journey to homeownership on the West Coast.


    1. Tell me about why decided to re-locate from the East Coast to the Pacific Northwest?
    ​We lived in NYC for 11 years, most recently in a 900 square foot apartment in Brooklyn with 4 kids under the age of 9, we got serious about changing our situation. We had loved the things about NYC, but now looking for more space, easier access to the outdoors, and being (much) closer to family. I wanted to shift careers and Seattle and the surrounding area is quite a hotbed of opportunity.  We look forward to biking, hiking, camping, and I’m excited to teach my kids to ski even if my wife isn’t.
    2. How did you decide on Kent?  Were you considering other neighborhoods?
    ​We wanted the true suburban life style with a healthy sized backyard, not too far from Seattle, but still affordable. I had looked at a job at REI a year earlier and that had got us thinking about Kent.  We had looked at a few different neighborhoods, and in this house found a quaint little street that is safe, close to schools, and friendly neighbors. We have been so happy with our decision.
    3. How did you meet your real estate agent, Alicia?
    ​When we sold our condo in Brooklyn we used Keller Williams and our broker in NYC referred us to Alicia.  We communicated back and forth via email a few times and my wife eventually came to the PNW and sat down with her in July while I joined via FaceTime in NYC.​  She was so knowledgeable about the area and how to negotiate and we really feel we wouldn’t have this house without her!
    4. What was your biggest fear about buying a home?
    ​Probably that either the kids school would not be at the level we wanted or that once we were in, there would be some hidden issue that would come out of the woodwork and saddle us with a huge financial hit.
    5. What is the biggest surprise about living the Pacific Northwest?
    ​The traffic. Coming from New York City where the traffic is really bad we felt that things could not be worse, but it is pretty intense sometimes.  We also were surprised how polite people are – especially driving.  Sometimes people are too polite!
    6. What was your criteria regarding your home search?
    ​There were a number of things that we wanted and many things that we needed. We wanted a large, fenced backyard so the kids could play safely, my wife wanted the kitchen window to look out on the backyard.  I wanted a two car garage, a dedicated office, and a basement.  We wanted 2.5+ bathrooms and a large kitchen. We pretty much got everything we needed and most of what we wanted. Alicia was great in helping us determine what was reasonable for our “must haves” and “nice to haves” within out budget.
    7. What room in the house does your family spend the most time in?
    ​It would be the family room/kitchen.  We try very hard to eat as a family and often the kids like to help cook and are working on cleaning up. These activities spill over into the family room. Where we play games, read stories and wrestle – its great to have some nice plush carpet to lay and wrestle on!
    8. How do the kids like the new house?
    ​They love it. The little girls share a room and the older two have their own. The ease of going in and out of the backyard and having space to run and play is fantastic.  They are riding their bikes in the backyard and neighborhood and have space to do their homework​.  They have adjusted well and really enjoy the new home.
    9. Have you guys found your favorite local “spot” in Kent? A park, restaurant, shopping center?
    ​We have been super busy with work and painting the home, but there is a great park down 216th where we have been doing a little rock climbing (both with ropes and some bouldering).  Also, we love the Soos Creek Trail, so close to our house where we go for runs, walks, or bike rides and when the sky is clear, the view of Mount Rainier is just gorgeous.
    10. In three words, what does “HOME” mean to you?
    ​Family, Refuge, Fun.
    If you’d like to take a look at the homes available for sale in Kent: Click Here

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