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    Beach & Boulevard Concierge-Remodel Program

    I wanted to get the word out to Sellers ASAP about this unique program Beach & Blvd has been offering our sellers since 2016.  Basically we help you remodel or refresh your home before listing it for sale.  By increasing your home’s worth we can sell it for more money, and usually much faster than selling it “as-is”.  We have over 100+ success stories we can share with you.  (Ask about our “Extraordinary Results” 1 pager, where we re-listed and sold 20 listings last year that were previously “un-sellable”). This validated our “Concierge” program and philosophy.

    The Concierge program started in 2016 with us staging homes to help our sellers maximize their home’s sale price.  Homes were getting bid up in 2016 and if you could help buyers create that emotional attachment to the home, that would mean more offers.  The more offers we received, the higher the price escalated.  We noticed a big difference in how Buyers responded to vacant/empty homes versus Staged homes.

    Later that year we started working more and more with out-of-town sellers who owned rental properties in Seattle and wanted to sell them.  Most rental homes were in bad condition, so we had to paint and replace carpet.  With the downturn in the market last year (2019) homes took longer to sell, and only move-in-ready homes were selling.  Homes that needed work or were outdated were not selling, or they were selling at highly discounted rates (wholesale prices).  This is when we started to do more “remodeling” to include: new roofs, bathroom & kitchen remodels, replacing flooring & carpet, and landscaping.  We expanded our staging inventory and signed the lease on a big warehouse.  We started upgrading many of our staging items, using real mattresses instead of inflatable ones, adding headboards, custom art pieces, and mixing high-quality furniture from West Elm/ Dania/ Pottery Barn with Wayfair / Target/ Homegood / Marshalls accessories. 🙂

    How it works?  Schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with a Beach & Blvd agent.  We’ll stop by to talk thru your remodeling ideas, what we recommend you should do, and what you shouldn’t do to get best ROI.  We will create a “Scope of Work” and get estimates so you’ll know exactly how much it will cost.  You’ll save money by using our preferred vendors that we work with all the time, they do great work and offer us discounts b/c we use them often (We do about 30-40 “concierge” projects every year).  Beach & Blvd pays the cost of the work upfront, and you reimburse us at Closing time.  There are no out-of-pocket fees.  It’s an awesome deal for sellers.

    We will also run a CMA (comparative market analysis) to show you how much more value the improvements will make.  For example, if we spend $10,000 in improvements, you should expect to NET $25,000 more.

    Email: or call Gerald 206.383.1207

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