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    A Seniors Moment for March 2017

    You may not be a senior citizen, but you know someone who is and you may want to help them to downsize and get their interests documented

    Downsizing – Planning Ahead:
    If you have the luxury of time, and if your parent is willing, think about beginning to declutter before a move is on the near horizon. Six months or a year prior to moving is not too early to start this process, regardless of where your parent is planning to move, or even if your family is still deciding.  Here are a few suggested things to do.

    • Shred, toss or give away obvious items such as old cancelled checks, outdated food or medications, clothes, or extraneous household items that just take up space.
    • If you’re not sure, ask an accountant or tax person what records need to be retained.
    • Continue this decluttering process monthly until you start the major activities of sorting and packing for the move. You’ll be surprised at how much you can eliminate before you get into the emotional quandaries of dealing with prized possessions.
    • Collect and keep together important papers: deeds, wills, Durable Powers of Attorney, medical records, military records, diplomas and degrees, birth certificates, passports. These can be in a file cabinet or safe-deposit box, but let key family members know where they are.
    • Try not to allow grown children to use the home as a storage unit or museum. Now is the time for them to claim their keepsakes—old sports trophies, CDs, posters, school projects–and remove them from their parent’s house.
    • Throughout the process, try to limit sorting and packing activities to no more than two hours per day for your parent. Try to keep it relaxed and companionable. Have a cup of tea (or glass of wine! Scotch is good too!!), and take breaks.
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    Other Stuff –
    Downsizing – Selling Stuff:
    Use a professional service. Sell with someone like “Everything but the House“    Coming soon to Seattle
    See a 1 minute video on the services they provide.

    Help with critical stuff.  Do this first – Young or old Get Your Stuff Together.
    Wills, Living Wills, Life Insurance, Emergency Planning –       Don’t wish that you had done this before?

    Contact us for a free consultation.  We can partner with you and your family to make this a smooth transition.

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