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    4 Ways to Buy a home in this ultra-competitive market


    Buyers need an experienced, savvy agent now more than ever!  If you’re thinking about buying this year, schedule your free, no-obligation buyer consultation with us NOW before it’s too late!  Many Builders are pre-selling homes that won’t be finished until 6-12 months from now.  We do a very detailed Buyer Consultation to figure out what your goals are, and we create a personal Home Buying Strategy which will save you Time, Money and Heartache!

    Here are the 4 Ways to BUY:
    1– If you want to buy a home you see online, and it’s in good condition, in a good neighborhood, chances are it will be a Bidding war.  We have some very effective bidding war strategies! Be prepared to bid 10-20% ABOVE the list price or market value, waive all contingencies (title, inspection, financing/appraisal)- We will explain all the risks.

    2– Buying New Construction or Pre-sale.  Never ever use the onsite agent, they work for the Builder.  YOU WILL NOT SAVE $!  I have some tips & tricks to help you save $, but in most instances you will not be able to negotiate in this Sellers market.  We have a lot of experience working with many local builders and can guide you thru this process, which could take up to a year.  We started a new program recently where we check-in with you and the Builder weekly or monthly, and schedule hard-hat tours when available to view your home under-construction. You will need expert advice on financing, when to lock your % rate (6, 9, 12-month locks), how to float your rate down, when to do an inspection, what to look for.  We also offer discounted Resale certificate review, POS review, and/or Builder Addendum review with our real estate attorney.  We believe it’s important for you to understand what you are signing and what the risks & liabilities are buying New construction.

    3– Fixer Upper & cosmetic remodels.  Do you watch too much HGTV?  🙂  We can help you identify potential homes to remodel or Flip.  We have some talented & affordable contractors that can help you fix up a home.  This is a great way to avoid a Bidding war and add instant equity to your home.

    4– Off-Market.  Many sellers are trying to sell their homes themselves (big mistake on their part!)  We have access to listings that were cancelled, or expired in the past 5-6 years.  We can also leverage our network of the top agents in each neighborhood (or specific condo buildings) to find you an off-market home to buy!

    Contact us today to schedule a free, no-obligation buyer consultation.  We can talk more in-depth about these 4 options and come up with an effective Buying strategy to help you achieve your real estate goals this year!  #LiveYourDream2018

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